Graham Ereks

November 30 - Nigeria,West Africa
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My Heart No Longer Knows a Feel

My heart no longer knows a feel
My soul bemoans our abominable deal.
I'd always thought you were different
Till the day I knew you weren't heaven's sent.

You are like a bin-bag, super fetid;
A cocotte,reeking of ill-habit.
Have you no shame, you mal-brained fellow?
I wish I had, all this while, been all solo.

The truth is bitter but it's got to be told,
For you're a mere wanton,no man should behold.
I thought I'd seen it all, ignorant of you moll,
Till I got told you even made out in a mall.

Goodbye chippy, you've finally been busted;
A Cyprian undeserving, ne'er to be trusted.
I see you're merely a shit-brained tart;
And for the record, you're fustier than a fart.
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