Graham Ereks

November 30 - Nigeria,West Africa
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Had I Known

My heart bleeds; my soul weeps
For my life is manacled with
The fetter, desolation.

Had I known, I’d have
Scurried the very moment
I set my eyes on her,
For my old man warned me;
Oh yes, he did but little
Did I understand the worth
Of his advice, never.

Today, I sit here tearful
Manacled with the fetter
Of anguish; a tear-jerking
Situation I have landed myself
In weeping and howling.

My heart has left me, saddened me
Leaving me to suppurate;
A lifeless one I now am, a man without
A bone –I am dead, yet walking
For her leaving me has transmuted me
my person into a living dead.

Had I known, I’d have said
‘NO’ from the start!
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