Gladys I. Swanson

Richfield, Minnesota

Being Poor And Trusting

The poor have hope and trust in God
For He brings them from depths of despair,
And then lifting them up in spirit and strength
To live in quiet dignity and heartfelt repair.

When the poor put all their trust in God,
This strength in faith shall open a new path.
Meaning work will become available to them
Turning them away from inward wrath.

Everything we have is a gift of God.
And the poor express much gratitude.
They can even become generous to others,
Creating in themselves a grateful attitude.

I was a poor person once long ago.
How well I know His loving care.
Daily I prayed and all fell into place.
I felt the peace and He was there.

The poor can find that spirit and Grace
If they are responsible for their actions,
And follow the path God intended for them,
Bringing peace and honor and inward satisfaction
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