Evelyn Judy Buehler

March 18, 1953 - Chicago
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Wave Bye Bye

I loved the cool, blue-green seas, and was most at home on crystal water,
As earth, forever in the pale glow of a moon, looks fondly to its daughter.

I had always been a strong swimmer, for I'd learned at a very young age,
Like lights going out in the cities at night, so that history can turn a page.

I loved going to the beach in the summer, and I even had my own canoe,
As wind makes lace of the clouds at times, for lack of better things to do.

My friends and I had great times surfing, while feeling on top of the world,
Like stars taking up the cause of light, after beauteous sunset hues unfurl.

I loved riding on very high waves, and I dreamed of riding the tallest one,
Perhaps ascending ten stories or more, like an iconic mountain in the sun!

It was exciting living near the ocean, with the roar of waves ever present,
Like the rose you smell but cannot see, leaving exotic, midnight evidence!

An orange glow was in the noonday, and a glorious sun was crowned king,
Like the summers, many moons before, when all the bluebirds would sing!

Deep green were trees and grasses, as butterflies fluttered on Lilac Lane,
And the turquoise waves were cool and frothy, like a toast of champagne.

My secret heart was in my mouth, as I was yet seeking the biggest wave,
So, I had come out alone, like evening primrose, which moonlight craves.

I was going to catch that big wave, or at least I would give it a good try,
As time often attempts to stand still, while sweet golden moments yet fly.

It was warm, peach sunrise morning, as I stood at the edge of the world.
Then I hit the water with a splash, and was soon riding on waves emerald.

Before long, I was having thrilling fun, as the waves began to get bigger,
Until an incredible one was approaching, towards me quicker and quicker!

The billows carried me very high, and soon I was riding my dream wave,
But huge waves kept on coming, and I was swept afar in a watery phase!

When the waves finally calmed, I looked for the shore and couldn't see it,
Like the fathomless ebony nighttime, which is slow to give up its secrets.

I soon realized I was exhausted, so I laid down on the surfboard to rest,
And finally managed to doze fitfully, but when I woke, found I was blest!

I saw I was approaching an island, so I swam toward it with all my might,
Like silent stars winking furiously, afore a tropical moon goes out of sight.

I almost did not make it to the sandy shore, but swift currents aided me,
And soon I lay in sand and slept, until a peach-plum sun rose gorgeously.

I had grown so thirsty and hungry, I set off to explore the natural beauty,
Of the island of palm trees and beaches, as the skies above turned bluesy.

To my great relief, I found a stream, before I had wandered for very long,
But I still had nothing to eat, so I kept on exploring, amidst the birdsong.

I was ecstatic to find ripe papayas, coconuts, and bananas growing wild,
Like the euphoria of the colorful, exciting circus, when you're only a child!

With mad thirst and cruel hunger eliminated, I felt stronger and cheerful,
And I enjoyed my three days on the island, though I was at times fearful.

On the third day, I was joyously rescued, by fishermen on a passing ship,
With sweet memories of my dream wave, like summer memories of tulips!
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