Evelyn Judy Buehler

March 18, 1953 - Chicago
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Water World

I had always loved being near deep-sea water, and I was never too far away,
As the beauty of fresher tomorrow, is but mystic hours from prevalent today.

I enjoyed swimming and boating and surfing, and even walking in light rain,
Like aromatic blooms, shrubs and thirsty trees, with no reasons to complain.

I lived in a sun washed house of the noon, always waiting for a pearly moon,
After an introspective pause at maroon twilight, when birds sang their tunes.

I had two pets-a cat and a rabbit, and they loved frisking in the grassy yard,
Because when green nature plays its wildcard, reckless gaiety is not so hard.

My near neighbors wore perpetual smiles, as when warm sun shows its face,
Or when spicy blooms, light up an entire room, just being situated in a vase!

Sometimes I went sailing the sea, for new adventures wait around the bend,
Drawing us ever towards them, like the cordial invitation, from a dear friend.

I enjoyed living my dynamic life, as well as casual fun at white sandy beach,
Like noisy energy of green forests, when Jack in the Pulpit begins to preach!

The days were abuzz with activity, like the laborious, industrious honeybees,
And the wind often paused in utter stillness, without a flicker of jade leaves.

Warm sunshine caressed bare skin, and blooms nodded at folks in greeting,
As upon the windy walks and curious byways, they were constantly meeting.

One day while I was walking in the rain, a strange thing suddenly occurred,
The colors of objects began to run in the rain, like melting objects and birds.

Stylish people too, were dripping colors, like the mellow sunset time of night,
In the golden age of imperial purple, when the stars begin to shine so bright!

Pretty reflections floated in placid ponds, in oranges and scarlets and yellow,
For nature simulated a watercolor painting, as if to a lovely concert of cello.

My world seemed strangely fluid, as if viewed through a rain-soaked window,
And but for my love of pure water, such a happening would not have been so.

Our azure planet was likely a water world, in billions of weary years gone by,
When no gorgeous birds were yet singing, and vast oceans touched the sky.

Like the wild geese that are naturals, in reedy marsh, lakes, or swift rivers,
And water is such a part of their lives, they've learnt to be good swimmers!

The world went back to apparent normal, with the return of the dazzling sun,
When the rain's nebulous magic ended, just a short while after it had begun.

But I kept with me a colorful memory, of pure water everywhere I could see,
Before we got back to routine lives, once a saffron-yellow sun shone steady!
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