Evelyn Judy Buehler

March 18, 1953 - Chicago
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Warped Colors

I was a compelling abstract painter, engrossed in the world of vibrant colors,
Like the endless intensities of rainbow hues, that cancel any need for others.

Beauty was was always in my naked eye, in warped images of a colorful life,
Like artistic nature, which always draws the eye, to where the colors are rife.

A peach sun rose each morning, above my colorful house, on a cubist street,
And all my colorful, cubist neighbors, so friendly in tangerine summer's heat!

All rectangular trees bore lime green, square leaves, with circular, sunbeams,
Like moonlit nights you're unresponsive, because you're captured by dreams.

My lithe agent had a round face, unlike lip shades, one jet eye and one red,
And hair of differing, geometric colors, and wore square hats atop her head.

She arrayed in stylish clothing, as I did, always dressed for pivotal success,
As triangular rainbows put on the pretty colors, after a wild, stormy distress.

My studio at the end of a crooked street, was coral, blue, emerald and gold,
And my many hued family often visited, the place where dreams were sold.

I frequently put in long hours, from apricot sunrise to the mulberry sunset,
As the, hued geometric patterns of nature, are full of sights we can't forget!

After a day's fruitful labors, I would go home to my blue and pink eyed cat,
One ear of orange, and one of maroon, a coat of square colors, an acrobat.

Like the purple, skewed squirrel, nimbly leaping for a rectangular blue sky,
Saying hello to the minty treetops, and to the oval lilacs, a hasty goodbye.

My cat, patches, loved chasing butterflies, through the varicolored grasses,
Their wings made of circular shapes, in curiosity inducing, vibrant splashes!

My car looked as eerie as a space ship, with its steel blue, elongated shape,
Ready to travel to yellow, circular stars, in one extraordinary, giddy escape.

There were lovely flowers street to street, like the creep of angular shadows,
And each flower petal bore a different color, to put on shows as wind blows!

Nearby my home was the crystal sea, in its blue and green diamond shapes,
Reflecting a double, circular moon, like resonant echoes a mountain makes.

Though I, myself, am a fervent artist, my world is the work of a greater one,
And perhaps his is the work of a greater one still, far beyond our lemon sun.

But, my beautiful world is full of laughter and colors, like wild carnival days,
As it hangs here on the museum wall, gaining smiles, reverence and praise!
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