Evelyn Judy Buehler

March 18, 1953 - Chicago
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Tropical Island Surprise

You should have a getaway, my friends all said,
They said I earned it, so why sit home instead?

A real vacation would be the nicest thing yet;
Go see the peachiest scenery you'll never regret!

I listened very carefully to what my friends said,
And dreamed of gay weeks, without getting out of bed.

I told them I'd do it-I'd take a pleasure cruise;
And my dear friends were very happy with the news!

Like the sunshine smiles warmly, to see a new day,
And the big smiles of children, having fun at play!

The next week, eagerly, I boarded my cruise ship,
And it sailed out to sea, at a substantial clip.

I smiled as I gazed at the clouds, sea and coast,
Like hearty autumn smiles at wan summer's ghost!

Upon the next morning, I became seasick like mad,
As if greenness and retching were a bold, new fad!

I rushed to the railing, so I wouldn't soil myself,
And leaned too far, and fell into the ocean itself!

I screamed in great terror, but not a soul heard me,
So, I was left to the whims of the capricious sea.

Like a butterfly dances from vivid bloom to bloom,
Leaving behind them a luscious, memory heirloom.

I swam all the day, and also through the dark night,
And a huge shark became aware of my sorrowful plight!

He swam towards me, with his mouth open and ready,
So, I badly stabbed his great eyeball with my key!

After a bellow of pain, he very quickly swam away,
With a lesson I hoped he'd keep for another day!

Early the next morning, I joyfully spotted land,
So, with a thankful heart, I drifted to dreamland!

The first thing I did, of course, was go to sleep,
I awoke the following morning, to red robin's cheep.

There were also charming peacocks, strutting around,
With their heads erect, and far from the ground.

How thirsty I was, I can't come close to describing,
So, I would locate pure water, I got up, deciding.

Like the sunshine eternally searches for the mist,
To dry her numerous tears with his golden kiss!

My island wasn't large, but I found water and fruit,
I ate and drank until I dropped, after giving a hoot!

I was once again drowsing, when I glanced at a bush,
And saw several wild boar come charging, in ambush!

I ran away with a will that was almost supernatural,
That's when I learned tree climbing, to be factual!

I made it to the top of a coconut tree, very rapidly,
And I was crushed they waited at the bottom for me!

It was very lucky that I'd had my long beauty rest,
For my tree clinging skills were now put to the test!

But, how the alien stars shone, with a twinkling ray,
As they chased luminous paths along the milky way!

At dawn the next day, the boars still were snoozing.
I hit them in the head, with cocounts of my choosing.

And I knocked every one of them out, stone cold,
So that I could at last escape, before the day was old.

When got to the beach, I espied a ship coming briskly,
And it seemed, somehow, that bliss had waited for me!

Like the fireflies that wait for the dark of dusk,
In the fragrance of night, when it's still and hushed!

I am back at home now, happy, comfortable, and well,
And dancing in my wild, fragrant, garden of bluebells!

Like the laughter and the giggling of afternoon rain,
Or purple twilight that keeps coming again and again!
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