Evelyn Judy Buehler

March 18, 1953 - Chicago
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The Star Witness

While we walked home from the movies, one moonlit starry night,
My friends and I talked and laughed, enjoying summer's delights.

The streets were quite silent, as trees swayed in warm breezes,
And night blooms graced the walks, like evening's masterpieces!

The birds were still singing, and jeweled fireflies were out,
Winking off and on magically, in the temporary world blackout!

We had stopped for ice cream, and ate our cones as we walked,
In the middle of the evening, as drowsy summertime sleepwalked.

As we were passing a park, we sat upon a stone bench as we ate;
And reveled in the subtle magic, that warm nights often create.

As I gazed at the starry sky, it suddenly went totally black;
And the moon had also disappeared, as if it wasn't coming back!

I called my friends' attention, to this most fantastic sight;
But they asked what I meant, for to them all seemed to be right.

So I could only conclude, we were experiencing different truths,
As life looks different in old age, than it did in our youths!

So I went back to conversing, for there was nothing else to do,
As a redbird must go on flying, in sunny skies sapphire blue!

But the skies suddenly reddened, as if they had caught on fire,
With none to extinguish the blaze, although the need was dire!

My gay friends kept on talking, for they hadn't noticed a thing,
Like skies after a thunderstorm, when gold sunshine is smiling.

Later the skies darkened again, until they were a satiny black.
It seemed I'd witnessed the big bang, which should never be back!

Then I looked up and saw a single star, but I kept it to myself,
Like fervent secret wishes, that are kept hidden upon a shelf.

And as I still gazed upwards, another star appeared and another,
Like bright twinkling children, following the twinkling mother.

I was not the least bit frightened, but rather quite thrilled,
At the concise history lesson, of how a great void was filled!

So as not to alarm my friends, I spoke a comment now and then.
They hadn't noted my agitation, at a past that had come again.

The stars just kept appearing, until a black night was studded,
As sparkling jewels amid rainbows, which prior to storm was hid.

Then came another gorgeous sight, on this dark night of wonders-
Hued nebulae began coming in view, singly like a game of numbers!

My friends still sat and talked, they were having so much fun,
Unaware that their pal had received, a gift of solitary vision.

But I laughed when they laughed, with at times a casual comment,
As though I was conversing, in a sweet dream that I had dreamt!

The new-old stars kept shining, and the nebulae charmed the night;
And before much time had elapsed, the first galaxy came in sight!

Soon more galaxies followed, as though to the beat of the drum,
As to steadfast beat of summer, peachy rosebuds soon will come.

Later came red planet Mars and others, so lovely and mysterious,
As the night birds sang hauntingly, in green woodlands so plush.

Then last but surely not least, appeared our pale friend moon,
Like the notes to a beautiful song, that will not end too soon.

A star studded show was over, and we walked home in starlight,
I with the undying memory, of all that had happened that night.

And if I were only braver, I'd tell the whole world what I saw,
Upon the official witness stand, in a most venerable court of law!
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