Evelyn Judy Buehler

March 18, 1953 - Chicago
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The Shape of Things to Come

I was a popular geometry teacher, imparting knowledge to the young,
Like the proficient translator, who is able to speak in different tongues.

I found shapes to be intriguing, for few things in existence lacked one,
Like the shapes of dark, cool shadows, floating in the wake of the sun.

I lived in a cozy, L shaped house, comprising a rectangle and a square,
On a fern green, tree lined street, with serenades of birds everywhere.

I was always cognizant of the math, that lay at the heart of all things,
As the ever recurring circle, found in the stars, planets and their rings.

Friends said that I was studious, and had an insatiable love for books,
As the gold sun when he is leaving, is trailing colorful backward looks.

Many family members were intellectuals, apparently so lost in thought,
As cool dawn is lost in peach mists, that absent gold sun has wrought.

Though my life was very happy then, still I was longing for excitement,
As stars revel the night away, leaving you wondering where they went.

It was the verdant heart of springtime, when blue jays sang every day,
And fervent, impassioned June, soon elopes with blooming green May.

Pretty bluebirds were on the wing, and saffron sun touched the ground,
Similar to the way it is wont to do, when in blazing colors, it goes down.

One night I lay ensconced in dreams, in a treasury of silvery moonlight,
Captivated by mystic geometric symbols, in the midnight, glowing white.

I saw two squares twirling apart, slowly attract and then dance together,
As garden blooms may stand alone, but are loved as one vivid endeavor!

After awakening the next day, I thought no more of that strange dream,
But I received news of a wedding, of introverted friends, so unforeseen.

Then I recalled the recent dream I had, of the squares dancing in midair,
Like a faceoff between the sun and moon, quite starry-eyed and so rare!

But that was not the end of my dreams, for I had another one soon after,
In it, I saw tetrahedrons, firmly on the ground, awash in sunshine amber.

I got a call from a friend not long after, saying she'd won a trip to Egypt,
Which included round trip tickets for two, so we would be well equipped.

My friend and I relished touring Egypt, especially the majestic pyramids,
As we relished roller skating in a balmy breeze, back when we were kids.

On a night soon after returning, I was once again in the recurring dream,
And this time I saw the shape of the octagon, in a beautiful, floral scene.

I did not capture the dream's meaning, until the following gilt afternoon,
When on impulse, I stopped at park, where roses crowded out the June.

The roses were cream to almost black, and most every color in between,
And I was glad I'd stopped to smell them, so lovely beside intense green!

My attraction to shapes had reversed, now shapes were attracted to me,
And they still visit my dreams often, telling of the future that's yet to be!
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