Evelyn Judy Buehler

March 18, 1953 - Chicago
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The Gilt Hours In-Between

I was a busy archaeologist, who enjoyed interesting and fulfilling work,
And I was very intrigued, with the ancient sites where mystery lurked.

My painstaking work caused me to travel, ofttimes to far distant lands,
As golden day weds silken nighttime, with rich, colorful wedding bands.

Having been raised in a remote area, I was now living faster in the city,
Except for slow motion parks and fields, where blooms flourished pretty.

Daily life can appear so sweet, when once you have achieved a dream,
Like misty dreams of summer, turning dawn dews and rain into steam.

So absorbed was I in my scientific work, I nearly forgot to be outgoing,
But I did have a few very dear friends, like sun when rooster is crowing.

In my free time, I enjoyed reading, and I loved music and abstract art,
And I considered ruins to be artistic, like a far past reluctant to depart.

The butterscotch days had come, and the emerald green was creeping,
Colorful birds filled the sky like kites, and the willows were all weeping!

One day I received the happy news, that we'd be excavating in Egypt,
So after a whirlwind of excitement, I found myself there well equipped.

Egypt was so fascinating, because we dug in full view of the pyramids,
Along with the Great Sphinx as well, that birds often appeared amidst.

Life had grown so very interesting, and now we were digging so deep,
Then one day I found an oddity, so futuristic, out of place, and unique!

A sleek tablet bore a message in Egyptian, accompanied by diagrams,
But I would need an expert's analysis, of time's mystical circumstance.

The analysis did not take very long, and it was discovered to be alien,
A message sent in the past to the future, in rose strewn days of when!

'I saw tetrahedrons awash in sunshine amber,' it enigmatically started,
Opening magnificent portals to wonder, in the distant realm uncharted.

The tetrahedrons referred to the pyramids, that had caused a sensation,
For due to a navigation error, the aliens stumbled on an ancient nation!

The aliens from a distant future, had somehow visited our distant past,
Arriving via an errant wormhole, in an alluring visit that could not last!

Though lingering briefly in awe, they only had a small window of time,
Before the option of returning was lost, as full moon beginning to climb.

So, they left a message for us, and it got buried in sandstorms of ages,
They hoped in some way we could meet, in one of time's exotic phases.

The tablet also had a drawing, of their planet's distant location in space,
Like the sight of a fading rainbow, as viewed from a quite distant place.

The now famed tablet is in a fine museum, of ancient Egyptian artifacts,
It's given us hope of reaching the stars, and that they'll be coming back!

The discovery of the alien tablet, was the highlight of a dramatic career,
Like hued sunset highlights occurring daily, when stars magically appear!

A rich past can touch the future, within the mysterious lilac flow of time,
But in the golden hours in-between, we get a glimpse of both sometimes!
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