Evelyn Judy Buehler

March 18, 1953 - Chicago
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Strange Goings On

I lived on a rolling green farm, and I had a love of astronomy;
And peered at skies of sleepless nighttime, so vast and starry.

It had for long been my hobby, and I had a powerful telescope,
As gold days look to onyx darkness, while they go up in smoke.

Besides being extremely edifying, stargazing was plenty of fun,
As the fun nouveau coral dawns, emerging in unique versions.

I enjoyed quiet life on the farm, as much as I loved my hobby,
As the creamy stars afar off, bask in a dreamy, heavenly lobby!

I cultivated emerald earth by day, and gazed many nights away,
Probing far beyond a pearly moon, like red meteors gone astray.

My family accepted my starry obsession, and often lent me aid,
As gilded time often aids all life, by ushering in the new decade.

They bought me things like field guides, as well as a star atlas,
Which elated me as desert dwellers, thrill to a blooming cactus!

I usually cared for the farm animals, which included some cows;
And my dog and cat sometimes trailed me, when I left the house.

Our cows could be amusing, just like my perky little dachshund,
As nature is always glowing, where sunshine has just happened.

Rather than the usual "moo," our Bessie seemed to say, "moon;"
Like a world famous violinist, with an instrument very out of tune.

It was early days of summer, and butterflies roamed green fields,
Leaving traces of red and gold memory, then fading into the hills.

A thrilling event was coming soon, a rare total eclipse of the sun,
I would view it and I'd take photos, of a sun in the moon's region!

I would use specified utensils, to protect my eyes and my camera;
So I would be unimpeded to view, the flowering heavenly drama.

With my chores briefly suspended, I climbed a grassy treeless hill,
Like Jack before he broke his crown, followed by unfortunate Jill.

Then with my special eclipse glasses, I viewed a fascinating sight,
As the moon's dark side devoured the sun, creating early twilight!

It was all a gradual process, but also rife with majesty and power,
Power that put a temporary cessation, to fervid sun's golden hour.

But easily the most beautiful stage, was the famed diamond ring,
When the sun was almost covered fully, with bright pink showing.

The moon continued its gliding, upon the journey that never ends,
While the lemony sunshine returned, to nurture chic flower trends.

I left the pretty spot elated, but that night I had a strange dream.
Our Bessie jumped over a moon, glowing in darkness like cream!

Overcome with mirth, my little dachshund rolled around laughing,
As suddenly from the house came, my dish and my spoon dashing.

During these happenings, our cat, Blossom, played on the fiddle;
And I just sat enjoying it all, without trying to solve their riddle.

When I woke my dish and spoon were gone, as if they had eloped-
They are ideally matched, for a better one, I couldn't have hoped!
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