Evelyn Judy Buehler

March 18, 1953 - Chicago
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Spring Chickens

It was springtime in my nursery, an industrious time of the year,
For spring is the time to be planting, so luxurious flora appears.

As the sole owner of a nursery, there was quite a bit to oversee,
As the sun gazes out over the earth, all along its golden journey.

I had a great proficiency with plants, attained from experience,
As nature was born aware of colors, and has not forgotten since!

In fact I was never happier, than when in my nursery or garden,
As cool indigo skies are favored to see, the sunset purple martin.

Youthful springtime had come, and green adorned bush and tree,
Like hidden colors of the sun, are ever showing up mysteriously.

It was a season of nature song, lacy clouds, and skies true blue;
And of milder wandering breezes, and perfumed warmth's debut.

Soon the nursery was abloom, with many things we had planted;
And beauty nurtured by one's hand, is seldom taken for granted.

There were flowers of every color, and many scents filled the air,
Like the sense you get of a presence, without looking anywhere.

Our business was booming, as people have such love of gardens,
Like sunset spatters colors randomly, never begging any pardons.

One afternoon as closing time neared, I noticed a strange bloom.
I had not seen it before, deepest red, with feathery petal plumes!

Its indescribable fragrance, was one I'd never once encountered,
Like the first scent on green earth, in the moment nature stirred.

The scent was so exquisite, that next day I looked into its origin;
But no one remembered ordering it, thus did the mystery begin.

On my way home, I saw the same bloom, and another in my yard.
How could the rare bloom be spreading, like bluest skies starred?

Soon I was seeing the bloom all over, and began growing uneasy,
Just as sweltering summer nights, before they have gone breezy.

Then my workers began acting quite strange, every day at noon,
As the odd bloom's petals opened, its scent filling the vast room.

Their behavior was trance like, as if captivated by persons unseen;
And it always lasted for an hour, then they were as they had been.

"The scent must be potent," I thought, "but why am I not affected?
There must be something in my makeup, that's left me protected!"

I mentioned my observations to no one, still I began to investigate,
It was in vain, until I espied a flying saucer, while out walking late.

The aliens spotted me suddenly, and they immediately gave chase.
Utterly terrified, I ran like the wind, yet could not match their pace!

Orange hands reached out for me, and obsidian beady eyes gazed.
In my panic I began screaming, as thunder where lightning blazed.

But they suddenly fell back, grimacing and writhing in great pain,
To my complete surprise and relief, so I screamed again and again.

The aliens all turned and ran, back toward the nearby spaceship;
And I soon saw it rising in night air, off on its starlit one-way trip!

The odd blooms soon wilted and died, and all went back to normal;
And I breathed to no human, a whisper of that adventure nocturnal!
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