Evelyn Judy Buehler

March 18, 1953 - Chicago
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Slow Motion

My zealous passion for marathons, had me in frequent races,
Striving always for that finish line, and touring many places.

I always seemed to come alive, with cool breezes rushing by,
Feeling footloose and fancy-free, like blackbirds in a blue sky.

And when I crossed the finish line, I would get a certain thrill,
Like a thrilling moonlit evening, as you hear the whippoorwill!

I was in the midst of happy days, like magnolias awash in sun,
Basking in the shimmering ecstasy, unerringly as on day one.

Like heavenly bodies ever in motion, I had run countless races,
As rich blooms rising up from beds, giving joy from pretty vases.

As soon as one race was finished, I'd be in training for the next,
But life is much more than running, it's so elegant and complex.

Often my friends would join races, but they knew when to quit,
As when the deeper shadows come, butterflies know when to flit.

Pleased with my work and my life, I felt that nothing was amiss,
As when the sun's in twilight throes, it simply goes down in bliss!

Sometimes obsession will creep in, when we are the least aware,
Like a surprise shower, in gold sunshine, as if it answered a dare.

One day I was running a marathon, that would last many miles,
Glowing summer was casting its spell, spreading natural smiles.

The much anticipated race began, and I was proceeding happily,
As I chatted with my friend, underneath the forest green canopy.

When we emerged from cherry woods, odd things began to occur,
A whistling wind we'd been running with, became barely a whisper.

That in itself was not very strange, still it happened so suddenly,
Like the sudden darker clouds, that emerge in blue skies sullenly.

My friend's words were sounding quite slurred, as if in slow motion,
And my legs were feeling so heavy, like running in turquoise ocean!

The race had now slowed to a crawl, like laziness of summer days,
Stretching the moments into forever, until a colorfully fading blaze.

A plane far above seemed barely moving, like a painting on teal sky,
Birdsong was now alien and strange, like the heartbroken goodbye!

The busy people had stricken a pose, and cars were barely moving,
Nature seemed frozen in languor, sound of horns sonorously oozing.

I had run but several paces, since I had first perceived this change;
And all I could make of these events, was it appeared very strange.

Like the strangeness of a solar eclipse, when creating a ring of fire,
Gifting confusion to the fireflies, and causing a heavenly quagmire.

Abruptly all was normal again, those moments erased from history,
And no one seemed aware they had been, except of course, for me.

And I felt accustomed sweet thrills, when the tough race was done,
Like one who has worked forever, and finally found a day in the sun!

And this joy would last me for always, as I knew I'd run my last race,
As when Luna senses the show is over, and makes her exit in grace!
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