Evelyn Judy Buehler

March 18, 1953 - Chicago
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I was a competent, happy housewife, but that was before my husband died,
Leaving me to rear myriad children solo, as the lone star twinkles with pride.

John had left us a prosperous farm, with a lovely home, shaped like a shoe;
And our older children did farm work daily, as they'd ever been wont to do.

My older children were reliable and steadfast, since they were nearly grown;
But, my young ones often got in mischief, and my eldest didn't live at home.

Although I loved my children dearly, they did ofttimes, seem to be in my hair.
Then, 'Shoo, shoo,' I would gently urge them, to go out and play somewhere.

Faithful friends were from neighboring farms, faces so familiar all of our lives;
As a fun, fascinating rainbow does not go out of fashion, adored as it arrives.

Other family at times frequented roads and fields, to follow their fond hearts,
'Ere mauve sun favored us with fading smiles. Fine family can't be long apart.

I lived in the house of sweet chaos, like the tangled, wildflower seas of hues,
Where vexing pranks were common, and imps hid in tall grasses, chartreuse.

Red robin's afternoon song was rapt, on our road of the ruffled, rouge roses,
Where yesterday seemed recently recreated, in same old, nearby primroses.

While nice neighbors were nothing new, noon callers wore the term, naturally;
And bore treats for the children; as peach, midday sun beamed, rapturously.

Mulberry heat peeked over the horizon each dawn, to discover what katydid;
As green mimic plants stole other's identities, keeping their ruse top secret!

Lotus flower seed pods resembled aliens, having at least a dozen, alert eyes;
Then Chinese lanterns lit up evening gardens, for sangria, summer surprise!

Although I was a patient, aging mother, one day my patience was sorely tried,
By a house full of naughty children, like the storm where rosy, sunshine died!

Frazzled and furious, I sent them all to bed, although the sun had barely set;
After giving them broth without any bread. But, the usual kiss, I didn't forget.

My children came in from the fields, immediately noticing an uncommon quiet.
Noting my state of utter exhaustion, and promising they'd help me rest to get.

Hearth and home is happier now, as two of my children help me out each day,
Leaving plenty to manage the farm ably. Now, I love to watch the others play!

My pearly smiles come much more frequent, since dark eye circles have gone;
And my golden years are full of sunshine, like soon coming of a purple dawn!
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