Evelyn Judy Buehler

March 18, 1953 - Chicago
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See Sea Rider

I had never before glimpsed the sea, and I had often felt the lack,
As rainbows sense the lack of luster, so they keep on coming back.

I dwelled in a pastoral area, quite far from any big body of water,
As the stars keep to their positions, in a strict adherence to order.

I had for long years been a librarian, for I had always loved books.
As admirers of sumptuous flowers, are giving them second looks!

Though my job was uniquely rewarding, it held no true adventure,
And although I really loved my life, all must have one to treasure.

Seas have great power and beauty, forever rocked by cold waves,
For the gentle forces of nature, often turns movement into slaves!

Most of my friends were travelers, and had seen a lot of the world,
As owls appear just in time to see, moonlight with colors swirled.

Their many tales had intrigued me, making me yearn to live more,
Like the golden rays of the sunshine, always lead one out the door.

The days were filled with color, and nighttime stars were gleaming,
When I decided I would take a trip, as I couldn't stop my dreaming.

And my exotic beach vacation, was now imminent though delayed,
As autumn is always imminent, in the fields where summer played.

I planned to fly to the lovely island, so that I would reach it sooner,
As nighttime grows quite still, just to hear from starlight crooners.

Very soon I was on a plane, looking down on marshmallow clouds,
As the sun oversees colored mists, draping the earth in its shrouds.

After rest and unpacking, it was eventide when I got to the beach,
It was so gigantic and lovely, as I listened to the seagulls screech.

I sat there gazing at the beautiful sea, in the failing evening light,
Thrilled at a secret dream come true, as lovers thrill to starlight!

It seems that I very briefly dozed, as I rapidly awoke with a start,
As the one who's falling awakens, to find another took their heart!

I was amazed to see a large sailboat, where none had lately been;
And a lady on deck beckoned to me, as spring beckons summer in.

Intrigued, I swam over, and climbed the rope ladder she let down;
Still, when I had finally climbed aboard, I did not see her around.

Yet that was the least of my worries, for that boat had sped away,
So I went to press the lady, but she had vanished like last Tuesday!

By this time the boat had gone, much too far for me to swim back,
I was alone with stars and moon, but felt peace in the inky black.

The ship was amply stocked, so I had supper before retiring to bed.
Where waves rocked me into sleep, and dreams entered my head.

Dawn's sunshine found me refreshed and avid for more adventure,
For I knew the ship was magic, and the lady was doldrums' avenger!

Thus began my long amazing odyssey, as I sailed around the world,
From the shores where I'd started, to where sunset horizon curled.

The sailboat somehow sailed itself, so that I needed no special skills,
As yodelers require no special skills, to go warbling through the hills.

I disembarked on countless shores, and mingled with many cultures,
And I saw enough to last lifetimes, of the ordinary and true wonders!

When I alighted for a last time, my ship vanished as it had appeared,
So I returned to a dull beloved job, under dawn sky, color smeared!
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