Evelyn Judy Buehler

March 18, 1953 - Chicago
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Puppy Dog Eyes

I worked at a boisterous animal shelter, which wasn't too far from my home,
That filled days with barks, meows and singing, like green wilderness zones.

I loved working with the various animals, and wished they could all be mine;
Just as stars collect celestial beauties, anytime favorable conditions combine.

Yet, I still enjoyed watching the animals, going off to the new, loving abodes,
Meowing happily and tails wagging, and setting out upon life's various roads.

Mine was a family of animal lovers, as they'd always been a part of our lives;
As a bronzed sun belongs to summer, and golden, liquid joy, to the beehives.

I lived in the house of purple twilight, and moonlight flowing in my back door,
Like blue rays of distant stars, go a lengthy, rapid journey, past forevermore.

Smiling neighbors sat on green lawns, and held holiday, backyard barbecues;
And nodded to each other in passing, and shared current neighborhood news.

Sweet, floral fragrance was in the air, and the melodious wind was in my hair;
And pleasant days were growing longer, as the melancholy moon was aware!

Lively redbirds played in the birdbaths, in the sunshine of irretrievable hours,
While busy clocks played with eternity, as we wandered in the fields of flowers.

One sunny day, Spot entered my rosy life, with dark patch covering one eye,
As the puppy began following me, like friends who could never say goodbye.

That is how my friendship began, with the puppy who'd soon won my heart;
And ever proved to be affectionate, and also very playful, funny and smart.

Spot truly loved yummy doggy treats, requesting them with puppy dog eyes,
Which were nigh unto impossible to resist, like fresh baked, warm apple pies!

After only six happy months together, Spot vanished when we were at a park;
And though I really tried to find my dog, like the night, I was left in the dark.

I was heartbroken to have lost my pal, my eyes searched everywhere I went;
But my dog, Spot, was nowhere to be found, since his vanishing, a sad event.

After three lonely, nostalgic years had passed, one morning, I was at a beach,
When a blur of motion rapidly came toward me, like a just fallen, juicy peach!

I'd know my dog, Spot, anywhere, for the unique eye patch was one of a kind;
And his eyes were still just as irresistible, like the dawn, with colors combined.

We had a joyful reunion, after my found dog, had been lost again, then found,
In one of life's true enigmas, like pearl moonbeams, as red sun's going down!
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