Evelyn Judy Buehler

March 18, 1953 - Chicago
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On the Seas of Night

I loved sailing upon the blue sea, and I was never too far from it,
As one who knows sweet cravings, is seldom far from chocolates.

In my previous much loved vessel, I had sailed a thousand miles,
As rainbows are seen from a distance, bringing on happy smiles.

My entire family enjoyed sailing, which I'd mastered in my youth,
As the throngs lie ignorant, until the blush dawn moment of truth.

I had been to so many places, that I could not recollect them all,
As sundry minute details of yesterday, tomorrow declines to recall.

Sleepy summer had come, and I had recently purchased a canoe,
As the peachy dawn recently arrived, ponders what it should dew.

I was taking my canoe out for the first time, on a maiden voyage,
Like a yellow canary's first flight, way beyond the emerald foliage,

I set out late that afternoon, upon the clear and undulating lake,
Shadows were growing longer, with an ebony night in their wake.

I finally lay back, utterly contented, and I admired the Milky Way,
Like billions of glories of nature, that can be discovered any day!

Gentle rocking of my vessel lulled me, and soon I was fast asleep,
Like the sleep you have while dreaming, imperturbable and deep.

In vivid dreams I was soaring, and in dreams my spirit flew free,
As I glided away under pale moonlight, the waves lapping slowly.

Not once during that night did I stir, in a vast darkness complete,
As mountains are not ever stirring, for at skies they long to peep.

The next morning I finally opened my eyes, to four dazzling suns,
Some far and some near, and the air was breathable by humans.

The sky was a lovely shade of peach, streaked with wispy clouds,
And I was still in my canoe, though about reality I had my doubts!

I was drifting on a strange still lake, that was the hue of lavender,
And on the shore I saw giant blooms, exotic and without number.

In shades so unlike any recalled, from the blue planet of my birth,
With swirls so colorful and wild, beneath the odd woodland singers.

The foliage was much deeper green, than any that I had yet seen,
As night is darkest and richest, when the pearly moon fully gleams.

The suns were orange red gold and white, the air fresh and balmy,
And strange scarlet creatures swam around, babies and a mommy!

I was eager to get a look around, and rowed my boat to the shore,
As sun must visit many corners of night, for he desires to explore.

Soon walking to a clearing, I saw more odd animals flora and trees,
And blue mountains in the distance, with lovely birds in the breeze.

In the long course of that day, I met a purple alien with huge eyes,
We improvised a sign language, amid strange songs from the skies.

We had a happy time together, and I made an unforgettable friend,
And four suns set in unusual hues, as if starting a new color trend.

The planet's name meant roamer, and my friend's name meant rain,
For there rain was precious and rarer, and came bearing clear gain.

The reddish purple skies, were as dark as that night would become,
Until the morning of surprise, when the tranquil night was overcome.

Then Rain guided me to my canoe, so I could try to go back home,
Like seas returning to the other shore, after long hours have flown.

Rain and I hugged and held hands, in bittersweet heartfelt goodbye.
Yet I wasn't sure I could get back, but knew I certainly had to try!

Once again in my canoe, in the red giant's glow, I noticed a sight,
I could not have seen before, in the darkness of earth's last night.

It was the gaping door of a hidden compartment, beneath my seat,
With a single big red button, that I must have pressed in my sleep.

For I had been lying underneath them, dreaming in the moonlight.
So waving I repressed the button, as Roamer and Rain left my sight.

My head was spinning, and my vision blurred, due to sheer velocity,
Yet on my return, the red button was gone-no more space odyssey!
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