Evelyn Judy Buehler

March 18, 1953 - Chicago
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Old Gold

I had for long been impoverished, as is often the case with writers,
Though I worked most diligently, at times even pulling all-nighters.

Rosy dreams kept me going, although times were frequently rough,
As black night fuels its moonlight, lending reveries that turn to fluff.

My friends and family tried to help, by permitting me frequent loans,
As steady waves forever assist, to make hued pebbles out of stones.

Each day I grew steadily older, however my life was going nowhere,
Like smoke that rises toward heaven, then disappears into misty air!

However, happy being creative, although bills were a constant worry,
I endlessly wrote dramatic fiction, as cool snowflakes fall in a flurry.

But rejection slips still piled up, despite a couple of minor successes.
Whereas my dreams were unrealized, to me they were yet precious.

As the sun peeks over the horizon, just when aurora colors are flush,
I knew beyond the shadow of all doubt, one day I would be famous!

As moon never squanders night doubting, in her pearly moonbeams,
But sends them roaming darkness, in silvery hours of sweet dreams.

Yet one day the dark clouds came, as I abruptly lost a part time job;
And pondered how to make ends meet, as blue skies turning apricot!

But whenever times get tough, you absolutely keep moving forward,
Exactly the same as time itself, and the forever it is moving toward.

So, I determined to seek another job, following some spring cleaning.
After mowing both the lawns, in bright flower beds I started weeding.

I encountered a stubborn weed, and with the spade I vigorously dug,
Until glinting sun revealed an object, dully shining, so I gave it a tug!

In my hands I soon held a coin, about the size of a modern half dollar,
It gleamed in afternoon's sun, embossed with a figure of great honor!

It had a special amber look of gold, so that I was immensely intrigued,
But the coin as I soon found out, was more valuable than I'd believed!

It really was of the purest gold, and was created around the year 6 BC.
And it easily sold for several million, and as finder, half belonged to me.

As gray skies sometimes wait for days, for glad appearance of the sun,
Because a gloomy lack of brilliance, puts a cool damper on all the fun.

My unusual story went around the world, then people knew my face,
As shy moon ever hides in the dark, yet still is familiar in every place.

Hooray! I could now devote time to writing, and I was already famous,
Like blooms long famed for beauty, are ever feeling humanity's crush!

Everyone was very thrilled for me, and I promptly paid back each loan,
I helped loved ones in other ways, then remodeled my office at home.

Like stars that rearrange themselves, over many dreamless millennia,
'Til after countless diamond ages, they find themselves in a new area.

Although hard times often appear, there is no reason to give up hope,
Good fortune once spanned long ages, as I neared the end of my rope!
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