Evelyn Judy Buehler

March 18, 1953 - Chicago
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My Worst Day, Bar None

I was a public relations specialist, ever promoting positivity to people,
As positivity is promoted afar, by the sight of the towering cathedral.

My work was very interesting, there weren't ever two days the same,
As an exotic world of ages past, would be dazed at what time became.

For ten years, I had held that job, and I was often required to travel,
As breezes gusting into dining rooms, often must blow out the candle!

I lived in a large metropolitan area, and drove to my valued job daily,
Like the trillions of melodious birds, greeting a buttery sunshine gaily.

I was working on my latest project, taking notes, and forming plans,
Like green leaves as the weather turns, perform the fluttering dance!

I was keeping notes, photographs and memos, all in one large folder,
For that project was a chance for promotion, making me a bit bolder.

I gave considerable attention, to every accompanying miniscule detail,
Like stars that sparkle all the ebon night long, so beauty might prevail.

It was the time of the timid new moon, and song drifted from above,
Like a constant song filling your heart, once you know you're in love.

But one day, it all unraveled, like time undoing itself every moment,
Or lemony sunrise following sunsets, coronations and dethronements.

After a sleepless night, I rose fatigued, then began to ready for work,
As birds get garbed in their finest, for in beauty, nature does not shirk.

But I soon came to the sad realization, that I'd lost my project folder,
Like ebony night that knew dark secrets, the moon had never told her.

I had no idea where I might've lost it, but knew I'd left it somewhere,
Like the finest of your hopes and dreams, suddenly gone up in thin air!

But my worst day was only beginning, like the daily birth of peach sun,
For when I went out to start my car, I discovered that it would not run!

I called the office and explained my issues, and was given the day off,
Like when the fruitful changing seasons, have the flamboyant standoff.

Then I called a capable mechanic, and they towed my car to the shop,
But my project was back to square one, the folder as lost as Camelot!

Later while on the bus, I touched a lady as I was getting up at my stop,
And I saw the worst day of her life, with a car crash, and arresting cop.

Then I bumped a man as I got off, and I saw job loss, and bankruptcy,
As marshmallow clouds gaze at a marigold sun, as they go by languidly.

I was astounded that with just a touch, I could see anyone's worst day,
Maybe since that one was my own, evoking innate empathy, someway.

As I made my way around the city, I was stricken by so many tragedies,
As we are stricken in moonlit dreams, with vivid, unconscious fantasies!

My old car never ran again, for the repairs cost more than it was worth,
And I didn't get the coveted promotion, my folder was lost to this earth.

But I don't let things get me down, as I know trouble is a part of all life,
And we must try to live in the sunshine, for the rosy days are also rife!
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