Evelyn Judy Buehler

March 18, 1953 - Chicago
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Moon Flowers

I was a questing, experienced astronaut, on the way to languid, red Mars,
The huge, white sun was my companion, and unobstructed views of stars.

I was enjoying the continuous, pleasant journey, like the driving vacation,
As you set out in dawn, rosy sun, soon finding yourself in another nation.

A rapt, glorious moon was ever nearer, like flowers crowding into summer,
On the retreating blue and white planet, so silent tonight, as if in slumber.

Beloved faces wafted through my mind, for they were all very proud of me,
As pearly moon rises proudly to gaze at, the sleepless night's dark beauty.

I recalled a house of misty moonlight, and starry-eyed, slumberous dreams,
As I neared the source of midnight magic, at hours when it reigns supreme.

I hastened across the vastness of space, looking ahead as I looked behind,
For it seemed space itself held memories, so filled with things one of a kind.

I could see the faraway, red planet, which filled me with zeal and yearning,
Like the zeal of a young and curious mind, that has just begun its learning.

But, I suddenly lost radio communication, with the fruitful and lovely earth;
And my instruments were failing! Could I get back to the land of my birth?

Apparently, it would not happen too soon, as the ship headed off its course,
En route to the dark side of the moon, charming mystery's deepest source!

After a struggle, I successfully landed my craft, though I couldn't do more,
But, rather than giving in to deepest despair, I decided, instead, to explore.

In the excitement of those dramatic moments, I nearly forgot my dilemma,
For I gained a close up, personal look, at the once distant, moon of vanilla.

And on my way back to the spaceship, I found something no one had seen;
It was a small patch of 'moon flowers,' pretty in the moon's daytime sheen!

What a glad surprise! Were there others elsewhere, in mountains or valleys,
Or in quixotic, out of the way places, upon strange, untraversed lunar alleys?

They were very colorful, to be sure, and highly strange in their appearance,
Though eyes had never admired them, they were abloom, sans interference.

I took exotic flowers back to the spaceship, and I dried them so they'd last,
And to my joy, communication was restored, and I was ushered home fast!

The moon flowers caused a world wide sensation, and are now in a museum,
And there were two bold expeditions, both of which have failed to see them.

It seems that true to her nature, alluring moon is keeping her dark secrets,
As wrapt in mysterious, floral fragrance, she shields her superb uniqueness!
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