Evelyn Judy Buehler

March 18, 1953 - Chicago
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Mimi and Me

Mimi is my fond, constant companion, my nearest and dearest loyal friend,
Mimi makes golden, precious days brighter, like orange sun that never ends.

Mimi has the rare gift for loving, that causes one to respond in like fashion,
For if you knew her, you'd love her too, as jade nature loves to distraction.

On Pear Street, people ofttimes stare, for Mimi's a raving beauty, no doubt;
Like the varicolored blooms of halcyon summer, are admired on any route.

Mimi is definitely the quiet type, someone it is very pleasant to be around,
As an ivory moon loves to be with stars, though they never make a sound.

Mimi has taken shiny, gold ribbons, in the multifarious, thrilling cat shows,
And has won for both looks and temperament, as perfect as a pretty rose!

I was a competent cat groomer, who had always been dedicated to felines,
When I took home a cat named Mimi, once I discovered a love that blinds.

I lived in the house of contentment, and amber sun spilling in the windows,
On lazy afternoons of bumblebees, and nights dressed like the sun's widow.

Rosy dawns thrilled varicolored birds, and butterflies were in scented catnip,
And the moon had flashing stars in her eyes, as she gazed upon our planet!

In the ebony hours of a dreamy night I woke, and Mimi was licking my face,
It seemed to me quite strange, for that was neither the time, nor the place.

Then a strong smell of gas reached my senses, and both of us ran outdoors,
And I had a neighbor call the fire department, like moonlit birds in discourse!

The gas leak was eventually found, and a faulty pipe subsequently replaced,
While Mimi and I spent the night at a hotel, and I hugged my Mimi, amazed!

Animals seem to have a sixth sense, and somehow just know crucial things,
Like the approaching chill of winter, and the looming onset of a rosy spring.

Mimi is my midnight star so bright. She saved my life that calm, dark night,
Her medal from the city is displayed, among others of purest feline delight!

Faithful Mimi is someone I truly love, like fluffy, lemon cotton candy clouds,
Living their lives in the perpetual sunshine, oft admired by passing crowds.

Mimi is a genuine show stopper, with the unusual, innate ability to charm;
As flowers charm crimson butterflies of summer, drawing them in swarms!

Mimi and I share our days together, and the glad, raspberry days are long;
Like green spring shares pink tulips, and her quaint selections of birdsong.

Mimi is a pleasant and faithful companion, one capricious and playful friend;
And like solar friendship with red blooms, sometimes friendship never ends!
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