Evelyn Judy Buehler

March 18, 1953 - Chicago
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I'm ashamed to say I was a grumpy pessimist, as some events soured me,
Just as some cherries stay sour, although lingering long on the cherry tree.

Although grumpy, I was rather happy, and I'd worked hard for what I got,
Like the times you meet, silver moon in dreams, always in the same spot.

Good friends tried to joke away bad moods, as sun is peeking from clouds,
For when someone cares deeply about you, they will do all that love allows.

But, all happiness was tinged with doubts, for life can sometimes be cruel,
Like when the flaming, shooting stars, are having stunning, midnight duels.

I lived in the house of violet shadows, ever chasing velvet, utter darkness,
As birds chase rosy sunshine, season to season, avoiding winter starkness.

Jolly neighbors and I zigzagged the streets, in and out of each others' lives,
Like footsteps of family are always following, to the place that love arrives.

Maddened redbirds sang out of tune, during the infrequent summer storm,
Until the honeyed sunshine soon returned, with fervor to keep them warm.

Exotic flowers danced to gold luster, in a jade summertime of fading scents,
Like a dance of youth, that fades to memory, among life's lovely segments.

One day, I was dressed up for an interview, as a candidate for a promotion,
Yet halfway there, I had bad luck, when sudden rain started its commotion!

'That's just my usual kind of luck,' I thought, 'I knew I didn't have a chance.'
But a nice lady with a huge umbrella shielded me, and jointly, we advanced.

Mia walked me all the way to work, when she found that it was my big day.
I got the promotion and a new friend, and I gained a lesson along the way.

For how you tend to look at things, could be as important as what you see,
Because like the sun and moon, eyes and sweet spirit must be in harmony.

These days, I am no longer grumpy, as I'm finding my glass always half full,
And we must have faith in tomorrow, though sometimes tomorrow's painful.

My loved ones admired the change in me, and were glad to see me happier,
As the fantastic gardens of tropical summer, are blithe to be much snappier.

I have a zest for living and for giving, as taught me by my new best friend,
Who helped me look, on the sunny side of life, useful when clouds portend!

Like night creeping in the sun's long shadow, and is never very far behind,
For they are compelled to follow each other, though union they never find.

Mia taught me my life's most important lesson, that joy comes from within,
So, now I live on the sunny side of the street, and birds are singing again!
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