Evelyn Judy Buehler

March 18, 1953 - Chicago

It's an Amazon Out There

The travel agent said adventure was calling,
In a lush paradise of beauties enthralling!

No harm would befall us, with a capable guide;
This Amazon tour would be a scenic, easy ride.

We weren't outdoors types, my companion and I,
But it sounded so exciting, that we gave it a try.

We gaily vanished into color, sight and sound,
Which is unparalleled the whole world around!

As we walked and walked, and talked and talked,
Through the buttery haze, we gawked and gawked!

The guide and my companion were lagging behind,
As I explored the trees, for an interesting find.

Then I saw a gorgeous parrot, of orange and green,
Nature's always loveliest near humidity and sheen!

I turned to my companion, pointing with delight,
But was shocked to find no person was in sight!

In terror, I fell to the earth in a deep swoon,
As when the gold, noonday sun eclipses the moon.

Shortly thereafter, I woke to an annoying pain,
The insects had been biting me where I had lain!

Surely, there must be a way out of this, I mused,
I will just go back down the path already used.

I followed this scheme until I came to the fork,
Very frustrated and tired, hungry and scorched!

Like a sandy desert, with a scarceness of bloom,
Or the glories of midsummer in strange costume!

Bravely choosing my path, I advanced once more;
And after a drink, my spirits soared like a meteor!

However, much later, when I heard a jaguar bellow,
Turning around, I saw eyes of a dazzling yellow!

I'd read somewhere to make yourself big and yell,
So, I did, but he just snarled, lunged, and I fell.

I hit my head and saw the most breathtaking stars-
More entrancing than ever a moonlit view of Mars!

I had bear spray, so I srayed the jaguar's snoot,
He didn't like it, either-he forgot our dispute.

I took this golden opportunity to become very scarce,
Like shooting stars landing in unkown somewheres!

Night was soon falling, and I was in a quandary,
As to whatever in the world was to become of me.

I sat down to rest, but a snake bit me on the arm,
My howl went clear to the marmalade skies charmed!

And then, as if I had not seen enough of trouble,
Along came a meddlesome monkey, to burst my bubble.

He jumped up and down in a mean, threatening way,
When I aped him, he went back to his monkey ballet.

Dawn was coming, and I was really quite exhausted,
Exhaustion which seemed to have never seen a bed.

Then faintly, I heard the sound of running water,
A sound that was as sweet as the tinkle of laughter!

It was the Amazon River, and I knew I'd be saved,
A glad reward for the torturous path I had slaved.

Hours later, I saw a canoe, and it was a joy preview-
Like a firefly's preview of a summer night so new!

My ordeal is over now, and I am thankfully at home,
And lately, I have no overpowering urges to roam.

Like the hollyhock that's fallen in love with the sun,
Or the bee that is attracted to where sugar is spun!
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