Evelyn Judy Buehler

March 18, 1953 - Chicago
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In the Gloaming

I was a daydreamer and stargazer, who eagerly awaited calm nights of glitter,
Like blue skies warily turning pink, plum and red, as orange sun sinks, bitter.

I grew familiar with diverse constellations, along the different astral avenues,
Vanishing in the pink dawn of golden, like perpetual lime spring, begun anew.

Mystic planets of my shady, solar precincts, soon became a lot more familiar,
Like dreamy twilights of sweet romance, when the gigantic moon is a thriller!

Flamboyant flowers fumed fragrance, as my friends found me on fun Fridays,
Like jazzy flower fields are ofttimes revisited, to gather up prettiest bouquets.

Fun family was a deep force in my life, like the force making fuchsias flourish,
When amassed together at violet sunrise, to discover what joy they'd missed!

I lived in a house of modern dance, guided by a classical sun, moon and stars,
In glazed golden noon or purple midnight, and ofttimes we'd tango with Mars.

Pearls and sun jewels were ever pouring, along jade scenic sites of my street,
With wandering wind whispering, 'mystery,' below fat clouds moving, discrete.

Names of folk nearby were household words, in abodes of friendly neighbors,
As honey is a household word, inside golden walls of the honeybee chambers.

Sun-sational summer settled on grasses and trees, as it did many moons ago,
In the time of emergent purple butterflies, and misty brown sunsets of cocoa.

Frogs croaked as blooms spread down mountainside, when time was running,
Like frothy, rapid river, ever flowing, under hued chameleon clouds, stunning.

One evening, dusk came suddenly, like the lullaby moon encroaching on trees,
When flashforward fireflies lit up purple twilight, and robins supped on berries.

I felt I had never seen such a gloaming, for dazzling stars flashed in my eyes.
The beauty touched all within sight, like rapturously hued fall, of no disguise.

The moon rocked a mulberry sunset world, with milky stars of my fascination;
And sweet songbird tunes filled scarlet skies, in changing colors of revelation.

Emerald daytime's echo was in a red sun sky, as I felt the unity of all creation,
Like unity of sunshine and mellow time, transforms a juicy grape into a raisin.

And I realized our sky spans far beyond the blue, and clouds of various colors,
So, glowing stars are a real part of us, like myriad people from other cultures!
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