Evelyn Judy Buehler

March 18, 1953 - Chicago
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Green-The Color of Life

Though I'm ashamed to say it now, I never took conservation seriously,
Just living life as if nothing else mattered, full of wonted complacency.

I would hear intense talk of the climate, recycling and global warming,
But I disliked such grim talk, when a coral sun yet rose each morning.

So happy and filled with youthful zest, I was ever in the vivid moment,
Like destiny shimmying from violet shadows, full of its fleeting portent.

Several friends were actively involved, with their environmental causes,
As pink robins will sing, morning to jet night, with precious few pauses.

Even that had no impact on me, as I was preoccupied with other things,
Like children rushing off to school, when the gilded, sonorous bells ring.

I lived in a small, cozy home, at the edge of a picturesque, quiet town,
But never gave full attention to stars, studding nature's moonlit crown.

It wasn't that I didn't love nature, but just completely took it for granted,
Like the woods that have grown still, where sweet birdsong last chanted.

Yet my life would soon do a turnabout, although I did not sense it then,
As news of a sunrise reaches the mountains, ahead of the blooming glen.

It was fresh apple green springtime, and young glad life was everywhere,
And birdsong was spelled by hummingbirds fair, purring bejeweled on air!

I was so happy then with my life, just going to work and returning home,
With socializing and fun mixed in, at burgundy sunset of days fully grown.

One star studded night I retired to bed, amidst the creamy moonbeams,
And before I knew it I was sleeping, and engrossed in beautiful dreams!

My dreams took me to a wondrous place, seemingly flawless and pristine,
As I sat on a hill, shaded by tall trees, peering out at an enchanting scene.

The shade framed the sunny scene, of grassy hills that I looked out upon,
And all had a pure and untouched look, in this day and age so uncommon!

The skies were clearest azure blue, and a lemon yellow sun shone warmly,
And everywhere varying shades of green, as if nature were telling a story.

And if that story had a lush theme, the theme would absolutely be green,
Like the sunrise deep emerald jungles, where multicolored toucans preen.

Then the words of nature's beautiful story, began to sound inside my mind,
Like the memorable words of a song, which is a reminder that love is kind:

"Green is the stainless color of creation, that colors the vibrancy of all life,
Green is warm, joyous and soothing, and the light of the jeweled fireflies.

Green is the coloring of silken serenity, green is the color of lasting peace,
The kind of idyllic peace you'll know, when the chaos bombs have ceased!

Green is the color of healthy nurturing, and the color of all heartfelt love,
Like the kind of undying love you see, when fierce hawk flies with a dove.

Kindness is also colored green, like friends, tolerance and racial harmony.
Green allows us to take a fitting amount of warmth, as the sun blazes hotly!

Green generates the freshest, purest air-it always colors a healthy planet,
As deep red colors the sweet juiciness, of a sumptuous, ripe pomegranate.

Green is a recurring sign of eternal love, sent by a merciful and loving God,
Like vibrant blooms bowing on pathways of wind, in noon luster, overawed."

When I awoke the next lilac morning, my priorities were totally rearranged,
For living my life, and the earth's life are one, and can never be estranged!
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