Evelyn Judy Buehler

March 18, 1953 - Chicago
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Fly Away Home

I enjoyed traveling greatly, and I had been countless places,
Like lovely fireflies of twilight, on their mellow moonlit races.

On my time away from work, I often went someplace exotic,
Like astronauts out in space, viewing galaxies from a rocket.

Frequently I boarded a plane, for a viable weekend getaway,
Like stars always in motion, upon heaven's dazzling highway!

I had made numerous friends, even some in remote regions,
As sultry winds roam over the world, so to greet the seasons.

I loved traveling immensely, and it appears slightly to excess,
As is frequently true of passions, which are hard to suppress.

And I was always in motion, under cobalt and mulberry skies,
Like being drawn to the sea, when viewing a dramatic sunrise!

Sometimes I was accompanied, by friends or family members,
But none loved travel as I did, like rich colors love Novembers.

My vacation was approaching, and I'd get two weeks off work,
I had plans to visit my family, in a town where memory lurked.

I hadn't seen my rural hometown, for a remarkably long time,
As we had not seen true gold, since the moon began to climb!

So I began making plans avidly, with enthusiasm and yearning,
Like an eager kindergartner, just off on a new quest of learning.

Soon my packing was finished, and I bade the big city farewell;
And this time I planned to drive, along the lanes I knew so well.

I started out in lemony sunshine, under clouds puffy and white,
And realized how I had missed home, as shadows miss sunlight.

The road wound by pastoral scenery, of the golden countryside,
As geese oft glide along the banks, of an admiral blue riverside.

The beautiful views relaxed me, and gave me a sense of peace,
As the softest moonlight that beckons, falling through the trees.

Emerald greenery was all round me, and my family was waiting,
As my burgundy car ate up the miles, in a summer blossoming.

At last I reached the little town, so unlike any other in the world.
Everyone knew my name, as trees know myriad leaves whirled!

Grandma was on the porch rocking, and mother was at the door,
And I jumped from the car running, like butterflies in an uproar!

There were hugs and many kisses, mingled laughter and tears,
The whole family was there, as when rainbow magically appears.

We fondly exchanged old stories, of the me that they once knew,
From the vault of precious memory, rare gems of sparkling value.

We had a glorious two weeks, and I felt so relaxed and at peace,
The way that I had felt long ago, before big dreams and worries.

As time came for our goodbyes, my full heart was in my mouth,
And I could not say the word, as I'd decided to stay in the south!

I had been all around the world, and I had found no place better,
And since I could work remotely, I soon drafted my boss a letter.

As wild redbirds are returning, from where they chanced to roam,
In the orange gold of a starlit sunset, to a lasting beauty of home!
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