Evelyn Judy Buehler

March 18, 1953 - Chicago
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Anonymous Me

Heavy pressures of fame were getting to me, since I was world famous,
And desperately needed a getaway, as a rainbow sometimes detains us.

I was a successful performer, and ardent press went wherever I went,
Like exotic sunsets, which give not 100, but up to a thousand percent.

I'd always really loved my career, the excitement, the fans and thrills,
Sort of like the sensation you get, when a pale moon gives you chills!

Yet I needed to be completely alone, in a distinctive retreat of my own,
So, I purchased a landed property, as stars shoot off for the unknown.

But when you want utter peace and quiet, at times that is not so easy,
Like trying to tame every hair in place, once the weather turns breezy.

The phone kept steadily ringing, and reporters still managed find me,
Like waves crashing for days and days, yet still for a shore are hungry!

Deep sparkle was in the summer, and ambrosial fragrances wafted by,
Intoxicating and heady, as if those days were a last, unforgettable July.

And nights were black satin and silver, and the frogs croaked throatily,
And gorgeous blooms of every kind and hue, teemed together sociably.

One day, in the vibrant heart of summer, I was roaming among flowers,
Growing wild in a grassy field, like a colorful rainbow of special powers.

Enjoying beautiful, easygoing nature, I was nearly feeling contentment,
Like the peaceful glitter of nighttime, imparts light to blind dependents.

The large meadow was on my property, attracting swarms of butterflies,
Of almost every rich color, like art museum walls, whereon beauty lies!

My untamed heart singing, I whistled, keeping time with various birds,
As sweetheart lovers, under lacy moon, keep track of whispered words.

Lemony sunshine warmed me, and I was enjoying a capricious breeze,
Like stormy day promises of rainbows, offer absolutely no guarantees.

Suddenly my foot impacted something solid, in the middle of that field,
And I curiously probed for the object, then a copper ring was revealed.

Intrigued even more so by this, I tore away at near grass and flowers,
Until a copper hatch was uncovered, then I sought to open it for hours!

Finally, it came unstuck, and that hatch opened with a sudden whoosh,
Like the fragrances of a red rose scatters, as the wind makes it diffuse.

Bright sun pouring through that aperture, revealed a landing and stairs,
Like the sun and windswept wooden bridges, which tend to put on airs.

The hatch had a sturdy inside bolt, obviously the work of some prepper,
Like romantic nights of pure magic, as stars and moon dance together!

I began my descent of the sturdy steps, and I saw a light switch below,
It illuminated a large and elegant room, including cozy furnishings, oh!

The walls were paneled in cherry wood, and the high ceiling was white,
There was big screen TV and ample storage, as skies hold stars at night.

And there were more rooms, beautiful and functional like the first room,
And in the basement were big generators and fuel, as sun fuels blooms.

There was an extensive library, a music room and space for my painting,
A kitchen and bathroom with a spa, like calm after thunder reacquainting.

Another part of the basement, held enough food to last for many a year,
And the bunker was so cozy and inviting, I thought, 'I want to stay here!'

I closed the hatch to my getaway, evidently the previous owner's secret.
I felt free for the first time in ages, and basked in peaceful night's velvet.

The next day held another big surprise, beyond a mysterious back door,
For there was a long tunnel, leading up into my cottage's bedroom floor!

Wheels in my mind were turning, I could relish the finest of dual worlds.
As long as I kept the secret, life would be rich, like diamonds and pearls!
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