Evelyn Judy Buehler

March 18, 1953 - Chicago
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Almost Home

I believed in fitness and healthy living, including obtaining sufficient sleep,
To revel for years in buttery sunshine, which makes emerald willows weep.

I consumed only healthier foods, including plenty of fruits and vegetables,
As the glassy, black midnight water, reaches up for moonlight collectibles.

Exercise was part of my daily routine, at times running, at others walking,
On the street of scarlet butterflies, where lazy blackbirds were squawking.

I was in the wild midst of the happy years, like a rare diamond in the sun,
Or constant tangled moonbeams trailing you, giving pearl smiles a reason.

I lived in a warm, pretty little house, just east of the leafy, emerald woods,
And often listened to chamber music at night, wafting from the dogwoods.

One challenging problem that I had, however, was difficulty being on time,
Like the moon is often reluctant to be leaving, after a sable night sublime!

It was a regular source of frustration, but I was intently trying to improve,
Like a wild sun is working on his comeback, as gray clouds begin to move.

The tuxedoed birds had all of nature dancing, and the lapis skies sparkled,
As if to spread all the colors and light possible, before at last dusk darkled.

It was the perfect evening of my life, the night for lazy moon gazing thrills,
Like thrills you get on endless ebony nights, listening to the whippoorwills.

After a long and exhausting precious day, at last I was off to my fluffy bed,
Like the noble court of final appeals, where the jet midnight hour last pled!

As soon as my head touched the plump pillow, I was asleep and dreaming,
Like the suddenness of children's smiles, when fun new toys are gleaming.

I awoke to mellow sunshine in my eyes, but I was in a strange, cozy room,
Like the proud peacocks of summer, strutting about in their exotic plumes!

Refreshed, but completely disoriented, I arose, bathed, and had breakfast,
Like a reality that is true to form, yet in some ways it makes strange exits.

My house's exterior was very different, and so were those of my neighbors,
But the street and the emerald woods were the same, real mystery players.

I found my neighbors were the same ones, who did not perceive a change,
Like an onyx evening of cricket silence, when you perceive a night strange!

I was also able to talk to my pals, the merry gang was all there, it seemed,
Like blooms performing a midnight ballet, where moonbeams are convened.

But the fashionable world was a bit off, because true normalcy was altered,
Like pretty, upside down rainbow smiles, once torrential rains have faltered.

But the familiar, beloved street was fading, with faint voices of my friends,
As I was awakening from a dream within a dream, like a chaos time ends.

My false awakening was never forgotten, as it was the only one I ever had,
As a mad comet comes once a million years, trailing wonder, mystery clad!
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