Evelyn Judy Buehler

March 18, 1953 - Chicago
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A Parallel Earth

It was the weekend, and I was sleeping late that day,
Alone with the morning, while savoring marvels of May.

As I drowsed luxuriantly, at the outskirts of dreams,
I heard a strange sound, while soaking in gay sunbeams!

The sound came from my closet, quite across the room,
And drifted over mysteriously, like scent of perfume.

I moved toward the sound, so to discover its source,
And afterwards, return to weekend pleasures, of course!

I opened the closet door, and peered curiously inside,
And then an errant wormhole, sucked me in for the ride!

I was falling in a circular tunnel, of no sight or sound,
And also colorless, with only gray blur, all around!

Like the silence, after a booming thunder rends the sky,
Or sitting in placid boredom, watching lazy days go by.

The wormhole finally ejected me, at its opposite end,
But, I was confused to be back in my bedroom once again!

I decided to go out for breakfast, and for a walk after,
And the thought of golden sun, filled me with rapture.

I went through the doorway, but I soon stopped, midstep,
My town was now so very beautiful, that I could have wept!

The sun seemed to beam smiles, lending all a vibrant sheen,
And the foliage was the greenest green, I have ever seen!

The flowers blazed their late morning magic, everywhere,
And smiling women walked by, rare blooms in their hair.

The men whistled while mowing, their deep emerald lawns,
And children gamboled, laughing, like gay little fawns.

There were many more squirrels, birds and rabbits about,
Like the colorful proliferation, at winter's turnabout!

I finally reached the diner, and when I opened the menu,
I noticed many items were different, and some were new!

The entire selection was vegan, no meat, milk, or cheeses,
But, their food was as pleasing as warm, fragrant breezes!

At what time had these most radical, new changes occurred,
Not only to my diner, but to bush, flower, tree and bird?

I grabbed a newspaper to read, after a stroll to the park;
It was now nearing noontime, and the shadows were stark!

Birds sang the sweetest songs, which I could not recall,
Like the moon has no memory of golden dawn, at nightfall.

People were friendlier, and they greeted me when we'd meet,
It seemed so familiar, but I couldn't remember this street!

The park was a nature delight, of many an old and new sight,
With more fountains and flowers, surely lovelier by night!

I sat on a park bench, opening the paper, with crossed legs,
But reading the newspaper's name, I stared at the flower beds!

"Smiley Times," the front page declared, with emoticon beside.
I considered going home, to get out of bed on the right side!

I saw stories that were familiar, but not a whisper of war,
As if time had somehow now forgotten, that prolonged memoir.

And as I continued reading, a large picture caught my interest.
Two encountering men, were embracing, while laughing with zest.

It was the Leader of North Korea, with our president, no less.
And as I read the caption below, I perceived earth's new address!

"Best Buddies!" The caption said, and I saw stranger stories still.
And, I arose and started walking home, after I'd had my fill.

The shadows were growing longer, and the sun was to the west,
But, a light on the eastern horizon, put my sanity to the test!

As I watched the sunrise of afternoon, it made a double sheen,
And I thought, it was small wonder, all was so vibrantly green!

Upon feeling the second, warm heat wave, involuntarily I smiled,
Brimming with blithesome thoughts, as my senses were beguiled.

I noticed a cat and a bluebird, frolicking gaily on the grass,
In this violence free world, that surely nothing could surpass!

My neighbor came outdoors and waved, walking over for a chat,
And we had animated conversation, about weather, this and that.

The houses on my street, all seemed marvelously different,
As if infused with a mysterious magic, that was secretly spent!

I remained for one glorious week, in this strange world of magic,
Where even a schoolyard tussle, would've been considered tragic.

Like a moonrise of the morning, with nowhere an inkling of night,
Or the game that's interrupted, when the ball goes out of sight!

One day, I was in my closet, and searching for my new outfit,
When the wormhole suddenly reappeared, spitting my double from it!

One heartbeat of astonishment and joy, was all that we shared,
For, the wormhole captured me again, and I departed elsewhere.

Then I found myself in my room again, on the same day I'd left,
I was actually glad to know, that time hadn't committed a theft.

My friends laughed at me, when I told them about my adventure,
And they said that a career in comedy, should be my next venture.

They had the unmitigated gall, to imply I was being untruthful,
And all my efforts to retell my amazing tale, were unfruitful.

Now sometimes, they'll open a door, stoop down, and peer inside,
As if to discover where my mystic wormhole, has gone to hide.

Then dissolve in helpless giggles, while shaking in their mirth,
Like the sun that shines in gaiety, at the peaceful, dawn rebirth!

I would have brought my newspaper, only I was reclaimed so suddenly,
But, even if I had, I doubt if they ever would have believed me.

But, at least, I know the verity of what these glad eyes have seen,
And I am happy with the certainty, of what the world could've been!

A beautiful world, deeply green, with the abundance of peaceful life,
And two suns, smiling on all of creation, with its minimum of strife!
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