Evelyn Judy Buehler

March 18, 1953 - Chicago
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A Jasmine June

It was jazzy June and green butterflies, filled the air with magic.
Then butterscotch days were long, until the purple sunset panic.

Sunny June, when music festivals, were staged in shady parks;
While in treetops purple martins, warbled their musical remarks.

Late springtime everywhere, and sandy beaches were crowded;
And it seemed such a long spell, since skies had been clouded!

In the dreamy season of youth, blossoms preened everywhere,
Until stars came out sparkling, accompanied by moonlight rare.

Most striking about that June, was a prevalent scent of jasmine,
Like ageless nature, a beauty queen, who'll never be a has-been.

It was a sultry June, and the children played with jumping jacks,
As the sun and moon play tag, each giving what the other lacks!

It was a time for family get togethers, and barbecue on the grill;
And of clouds drifting on skies forever, on their missions to fulfill.

It was a mellow June, and honeyed sunlight was pouring down,
To the whole of nature awaiting it, somewhere upon the ground.

It was a time of pink dragonflies, when the moon sat on the hill,
Glimmering all the nighttime, while earth seemed to stand still!

Summertime was approaching, upon its silent golden footsteps,
Like the soft approach of knowledge, conveying novel concepts.

Laughter drifted upon breezes, and myriad flowers were stained,
Like the stain of the velvet dawn, with its future yet unclaimed.

It was radiant jeweled June, and black crows cawed on the wing,
Their onyx feathers glistening, in vast realms of a sapphire king!

It was a time for budding romance, the roses were in full bloom;
For when cupid releases his arrow, it indicates a heart's doom.

And then I chanced to meet him, in attraction's rapturous hour,
For in the absence of memory, one sweet moment gains power!

We danced a beautiful night away, like dancing far flung planets,
Under colored lights seeming to be, pure summer extravagance.

We fell in love on a velvet night, on the first night that we met,
As shooting stars fall from the sky, without the merest regret.

Gaiety in the open ballroom, led to star gazing upon the terrace,
Where the full moon shone softly, with its solemn habitual hush.

It was joyous full-blown June, of the breezy spirited black nights,
Of crimson sunsets gently fading, and unaccustomed love delights.

June, a jumping June, of leaping frogs and jittery grasshoppers,
Of doubtless hearts, abruptly captive, the season showstoppers!

Like swans gracefully swimming, in mellowness of tranquil days,
Soon captured in some fine artwork, in their lovely sunlit phase.

That vivid June had a certain je ne sais quoi, full of joie de vivre;
As the juicy blueberries just ripened, in hot days of spring fever.

At the edge of a lustrous summer, floral fragrance was in the air,
Like birdsong from cool verdant bowers, infiltrating everywhere!
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