Ethel Clinebell

Beckley, WV, USA

Time Passes On

The old lady sat in her log house door,
In her rocker of leather and wood,
singing a song about her family,
Saying she'd do it all over if she could.
They had raised a big family,
Her husband right there by her side,
To help her take care of all of the kids,
By working hard to provide.
So the children had grown and left them alone,
To care for each other rat last,
But the old lady cried, for they all had left home,
Seemed to her they all left to fast.
The children came to see them all of the time,
And to make sure there all right,
So they could really enjoy all of that,
By talking about there family at night.
Well now she's alone and oh! how she cries,
For her husband has left her now, too.
For he passed away some time ago,
Now this little old lady is so blue.
One of her children came to take her away,
From her old log cabin home,
where she can sit in her old rocking chair,
And sing out her true story song.
She raised a large family now left all alone,
But with her family both far and near,
When she passed away the children came in
And stored away her old rocking chair.
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