Emma Sabessar

Lakeworth, FL, USA

The Making Of The Lord's Bouquet

I planted myself a garden, a garden of all
different kinds of flowers. I decided to make a bouquet
beautifully selected. My black carnation which I will
call Ebony for you are strong, in the image of me, I
created you. Beautiful as you are, your black essence
is like the twilight of the night in Ebony.
My white rose, so fair thou are, how lovely and
wise, your glow is like the day for which I created you.
I call you Ivory and I also adore you.
My next rainbow flower is called yellow orchid
and your knowledge flows like the running waters of
a river, you are so bright mild in the form of
yellow I made thee.
My lovely red rose, you shall be call Scarlet
you are endow with grace, wisdom, and you are so
wonderful in the image I created thee.
My beautiful brown flower, so pretty as you
are so full of understanding and I color you brown
in the morning and the evening. Now my glorious
bouquet are finished and so perfectly arrange in truth,
beauty, and peace in my sight. With everlasting love you
are the apple of my eyes.
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