Duwayne Oakes

Tacoma, Washington

God's Plan

God showed the way for man to live,
When in Africa he did compose
Head shaped features that are unique,
With this story I now disclose. Its mouth is closed for you to see,
Christ's Communion is the scene.
The bread's his foot you walk in life,
Toward Mt. Sinai is God's scheme. The Red Sea as your blood force split-
Where God gave Moses his Commands.
Obey those Ten they're meant for you,
Walk with Christ to the Holy Land. God's Holy Land signs Paradise,
With life rooted in God's plan.
Don't disobey and journey left,
The Devil's Crete will claim your hand. Christ said his meat was to obey
The will of God our Father.
Communion meat becomes your fete,
With Christ's footsteps as your tether.
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