David Bridgewater

Merseyside, England

Forever Is Our Destiny

I may touch a thousand suns
Heap scorn on those who slay
And brush the hand of time aside to patronize the day
I may walk forever baiting knowledge with each stride
And change my masked identity on each eternal tide

I may bridge a hundred lives
And dance to other tunes
And reach beyond obscurity to hold the waxing moon
I may browse on faces seeking memories in each smile
And coax the fading empires in my memory for awhile

I may kiss the freedom
And swim where moon align
And feel the constellations pulsating in my mind
I may see the cradle of mans infinity
And tread the shallow water of life's incessant sea

I may see eternity
It's passage lined with time
A place beyond antiquity where every moment pines
I may seek forgiveness for every minute I have sinned
And hear the heart of genesis beat softly in the wind

Forever is our destiny
Our fires shall never wane
And time shall be so humble to our patriotic flame
Our bridge shall never crumble each dream shall never cry
Our souls shall live forever only tears can ever die.
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