Contessa ELinor De Torri

Bryson, North Carolina, USA

The Cell

Four walls, no windows, no exit
One light bulb, one cot, a table, a bottle
What else is there in life to contemplate on?
Day after day, month after month, year after year?
Misunderstood, abandoned by friends and family
Utterly alone! What went wrong?
I feel sick, maybe I'm dying-
Hell, who gives a damn.
The light bulb is out. Its dark. Nigh? Day?
Is it spring? Summer? Winter?
Can't think-it's cold! I'm Freezing!
Four walls, a ceiling, an empty bottle
I'm scared! Where am I? Who am I? Help me!
Out there in a strange world where I'm afraid to go
There must be someone to take my hand,
To open the door of my prison cell
I've forgotten how it was to pray,
But please God, oh please, send me a friend!
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