Claire Baptiste

Trinidad & Tobago, West Indies

The Spirit Dwells With The Land

There's a music in the land,
a rhythm within its soul
And a freedom that comes from the heart.

The dance of nature
beats to the drums of a voice
That is the spirit of the land.

The islanders
The multi-coloured flowers of the island
Shares in its wonders with abundance of faith.

For the music
is the eyes that sees
And ears that listen to the teacher in the stillness.

The voice says,
"Share all your gifts and talents freely,
Don't be afraid, I'll provide all you need."

"In times of troubles smile with glee
Use the obstacles of life as stepping stones
And, the path to truth will be revealed."

The music raises up, and sings even louder to the world,
The land rejoices with plenty of love
For the Spirit dwells within land.
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