Claire Baptiste

Trinidad & Tobago, West Indies

Miss Nay Nay

Miss Nay Nay opened closed gates and allowed
grace and love to find and change our ways.
Yet in her manner there was pride,
there was prejudice, but her patience spoke throughout the day.
In her desire to have her way
Miss Nay Nay taught the meaning of forgiveness.
And with it, the mirror of humility,
and the face we hide behind the mask.

But it took that wonderful soul-not of human form,
to show the true meaning of love.
Miss Nay Nay saved the family from destruction,
from a life of blind struggle, with her peaceful dove.
We learnt every choice in life must be based on love,
within our shadows we must seek the truth,
and allow love, to over-flow the vessel of the body,
to touch the loves of friends and foes.

She did not know of her powers over us,
that her feline life was a gift from God.
Our little angel of love bridged the gap between
three adopted homes and sewed them up with love.
After eighteen years, Miss Nay Nay has gone to rest
her message of forgiveness is no longer a threat.
With hearts of love, desires and problems are slain
and with hearts of love, the family is re-born again.
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