Chandra Pathakoti

June 26th, 1972 - Hyderabad, India

Pause and Cherish

How long will you Run? How long will you hold steam
in the sun?
When will you be done? Is life a race to be Won?
Dashed into multitude of races and timeless chases
Huffing and puffing, landing in empty spaces
Chasing mysterious mirages and feeling restless
In this gold rush, death will blush, leaving ya
The time will perish and days will pass
All the treasure’s gone, once ya buried under grass
Take a deep breath for a minute and pause
Feel the Joy, to experience the heavenly cause
The world has full of small and big wonders
For they have grown over days and in numbers
Miss not moving too fast, nor lose them in rush
Fall in love with beauties, like love’s first blush
Said a Bard, the beauty is in the eyes of beholder
Make memories of Joy, Day by Day, as you grow older
The highness of the sun, the blueness of sky
Pleasing to eye, to see birds sway and fly
Flashes of the twinkling stars, like dance of delight
Cheers it brings on sight of moon, when it so bright
Jubilant fishes hopping in lucent streams
Extraordinary Play coming alive in the Lake of
Watching the Shepard and Sheep, jump and hop
A panoramic scenery with Sun set in the backdrop
Listen to the chirp of birds in the morn
Sun rays sprouting through dark, like a new born
Titters of the winds in the woods
Orchestrated with church bells in the neighbourhood
Wandering in the pathless woods of nature
Lumbers, logs, leaves of all colour, form are nature’s
Smell of the earth after first monsoon rain
Scent of the sand in memory, will forever remain
The lush greenery carpet, is the nature’s golds
Adore the flora and fauna, as the beauty unfolds
The misty blanket on the untouched fields
And sweet fragrance that wild flowers yields
Musical chimes from the Spring raindrops
Sparkling crown on roof of the leaves with dew drops
Mirroring the reflections of the Heaven on the ocean
Peace ye begets with Prayers in devotion
Misty Curtains moving away in hilly Folds
Be Enthralled, the beauty in the nature it Beholds
Joy will rise up like deodar trees in the timber
Feeling of the heart’s ecstasy is worth the telling
Colourful leaves falling from branches great and small
Visual treat of picturesque in the season of Fall
Thousand colours of blooming flowers
Bright smiles swaying through the sunny hours
To sprinkles of splashes, the heart would surrender
When swoosh of the waves in full splendor
If you have to believe in the world of Tomorrow
See florescent colours dancing in eyes reflecting from
Walking by in the sentient beach corridors
Sweep of waves touching the feet on the shores
The ripples in the ponds with throw of pebble
Circles of cheers it creates, is more than treble
The awe at sight of glittering fireflies
Never mind the starlit skies
Thousand colours spread from wings of butterflies
Mesmerized by the sight with joys filling eyes
The scent of the old books in the library
Profound meanings construed from dictionary
Why thou has to forget and sacrifice
For times cometh once, don’t be victim of your own
Forget the heavens, the joy has come to meet
Feel the Paradise, on this earth, right under your feet
Nature show is grand and eternal
Endless wonders created, both factual and natural
Pause and feel, for this world is so beautiful
Magnificent and splendid beauties in Nature are
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