Carolyn Thorsen

Port Ludlow, Washington

If You Continue

If you continue, you will loose the sun,
no longer will life have any fun.
Only unhappiness will last, the only sound
you will hear is your heart beating to fast.
When you look up, you will see the blue
fall from the sky, your life is nothing
more than a lie.
If you continue, you will not see the
flowers in bloom, all the days ahead will
be an endless doom.
You will not hear the birds sing, you
won't even hear a precious bell ring
If you continue, your mind will be lost
in the wind and your body will be lost
in a world of sin.
All your days will run into one, every-
thing in your life will be left undone.
You will only be wondering in endless
time, sweet little girl of mine.
If you continue
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