Carol Lee Beloher

Jasper, New York, USA

Tell Me! Who?

Who barricaded the old with doors, which began
to go forth as when it burst out from the womb, how
about the cloud in it's garment or thick gloom us
it's swaddling band, and to proceed to break up regulation
upon it and to set a bar and doors and say this for you
may come and no farther and here the works are limited,
who caused the down to know it's place?
to take hold on the extremites of the earth? Where now
is the way by which the light distributes itself?
Have you entered into the storehouse of the snow?
do you see even the storehouse of the hoil? How about
the east wind scattering about upon the earth? who
has divided storm cloud to make it rain upon
the land where there is no man. Who put wisdom
in the cloud layers or who gave understanding to the
sky phenomenon? Who can exactly number the clouds in wisdom
or the water goes of beaches who can tip them and the Le-Vi-A
then can you show it out with a fish hook?
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