Bonnii Lynn Isaksen

Atlantic Hlds., NJ, USA

Nye Boyusa Nikavo Krome Boga Odnavo

( I fear no one except God, the only One) Walking through the boundaries of our soul....
We sometimes stumble and fall, crashing to the ground,
We look upon the shattered pieces that we once called our life. Reaching up again to stand.... we wobble,
In between the realm of everlasting peace, through the oracles of space and time
To a place called, "heaven", that's oh! so fine! Pulled back by our earthly memories and the need to survive
Thoughts of reaching the light has died. Only when ones soul is truly free can he see his majesty!
To go from physical to spiritual, to physical again....
Wondering when the light will descend.
To touch . . . the glowing fire, is to let the Lord be thy desire,
To overpass the essence of life, to climb over doubts, and push down fear,
To sense the presence of angels when they are near,
To patiently wait and watch for the return of our Lord Jesus Christ!
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