Bonnie E. Lorenc

Mesa, Arizona, USA

Old Cedar Chest

It stands in the corner
Still beautiful and fine
Nicks and bruises on the surface
Tales of countless troubled times.
In '43 her paratrooper hurried home on leave
They picked it out together
she was just eighteen.
The wedding full of promise
A quilt within the chest
The war made heroes out of boys
He was just nineteen.
The cedar chest is with her
Full of journals from the past
Silent witness still remembers
Hopeful dreams
A boy and girl that didn't last.
I THINK I BURIED THEM ALIVE! I must work it through before
Another year goes unresolved, I've
Bowed my head in dire defeat
Far too many New Year's Eve's. I resolve to change, face the truth
And practice Joy
Exorcise my doubts and fears
Nevermore to wander in despair Throughout the coming years.
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