Bobby Marbles Mobley

On Writing Poems

To write a poem takes time and thought
Also pen and ink that you have bought
Handy paper bright and clean
Straight fine lines long and lean
To write a poem takes finesse
So harmonize and do your best
With rhyme and rhythm and grace
Do not blast your words all over the place
Choose your words with skill and thoughful care
Because your heart and soul your song will bear
Your words may come back to haunt you someday
So create with love and care what you will say
Write about people or places or maybe the sun
The joy of it all is just having fun
God gave you an intelligent mind it is your duty
To entwine your words with love and beauty
Poet's are unique a special breed apart
With clever style they compose from their heart
It does not take finesse to be a shotgun poet
Any reject idiot from the kindergarten can do it
So write with beauty of song and love
Poetic elegance comes from heaven above
Your mind is a maze a miracle unseen
So open your heart and share all your dreams
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