Billy C. Samer

Union, New Jersey, USA


The pale yellow sunshine in a world's cold notion.,
Stacy on my shoulder an atlas could not shake loose.
Safety pinned pajamas ingest wonders coming north,
The gold soiled stale ancient leaves anchor silk feast.
Pharaoh and jasmine class inpecuniary jet set oath
Omnipotent but too anonymously suave to be the beast
Tracing the olive in the whiskey the redcoats bought.
Icy potent butter anemones touring the galaxy
Gone wave platinum dreams one-sided when ready taught,
Spicy patented talk onerous misdeeds never cease,
The girls play part-time on the streets really no-fault.
Soviets journey to the outer limits of reality
The French pulled a century ago inciting twilight sleep
For freedom a couple going out loves the inclination we
Romantically fall during the war salvation cuddles
Nova dancing cheek to cheek to your white silken lace.
Red miners, cashmere goats drifting since sheared and sheered,
For Christ's mom caring for the pandoras depraved
In stables pink leather jackets open wise men bearded
For angels on pipes call the dating cuisine pieces.
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