Bhaskaranand Jha Bhaskar

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In Memory of Maya Angelou

Perched on your strained life’s tree
Jumping from one branch to another
The Caged Bird set herself free…
From your fragile frame
Weakened by 86 summers’ heat,
Flying away from the mortal sight
Beyond the vast blue sky -
For an eternal rest in the abode
Immortalised by your prolific writings..

Millions and trillions of souls
Feel comforted in your philosophy,
And strings of thoughts profound,
Solaced in the soulful rhymes
Of your melodious notes,
Still resounding in the immense sprawl
Of your thriving poetic estate
Built up on your feminine sensibility
Giving a strong voice to women
In the realm dominated by cankerous men...

As a Phenomenal Woman
You were a woman of substance
Nestling a feminine sensibility within you
Watching the flux of millions of men
Bravely dealing with deep setbacks
Coming your way steeped with poverty
In your destitute, dejected life
Vehemently scarred by sexual abuses
Each time you uplifted yourself alone
With more powerful energetic essence
As a 'people's poet', a towering literary icon...

Fleshly draped in black though,
Your soul was white and impeccable
Ever crooning for dawn of the lights
For dispelling the darkness from the world,
The illusion veil of a transient life uplifted
From your calm and still face,
Yet the celestial flame of your poetic deeds
Shines brighter with beautiful illuminating words,
You have fallen asleep in eternal slumber
Of honour, peace, tranquillity and immortality
Leaving behind a mammoth literary treasure…
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