Bernice Hooks

Los Angeles, California

The Dark Day

The phenomenon of the dark day is a historical fact;
A sign to all biblical students Jesus is coming back;
Coming to take the redeemed of the earth home;
Who were once pilgrims and strangers no longer to roam;

Read Matthew Chapter 24 and verse 29;
You will find the dark day prophesied--sublime;
On May 19, 1780 this prophecy was fulfilled;
Exactly as prophesied, after many Christians were killed;

The day gradually grew dark and the sun would not give light;
Anxiety and awe filled people's mind with fright;
Everything was stopped as workers, school children and travelers fled home;
Fowls retired to their roosts and went to sleep, birds sang their evening song;

Humans knew that night had not come and managed the home by candle light;
An hour or two before evening in a partially clear sky was eerie sun light;
Read Joel Chapter 2 and verse 31;
"...before the great and terrible day of the Lord come.";

"The sun shall be turned into darkness, and the moon into blood";
With this prophecy fulfilled once it should be understood;
The Saviour pointed out to His followers the signs of His return;
So we would take heed, watch and pray, be ready--discern.
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