Audrey Wilson

Spring, Texas

The Master Of The Storm

Sometimes our life is tossed about
Like a ship upon a stormy sea
When everything about us is crumbling
And we question, "LORD why me?"

We look up into the heavens
And it seems the sky is brass
We are bailing out water furiously
Wondering if the storm will ever pass.

Then when we think everything is hopeless
And we are about to give up the fight
JESUS comes to us walking on the water
And, Oh, what a beautiful sight!

HE calms our storm and rights our ship
And whispers "Child, I'm always near
But you have to have some troubled times
To be strong enough to conquer fear.

I AM the MASTER of the storm
And I know how much you can stand
Whenever the storm is the darkest
Be of good courage and hold to MY HAND!"
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