Audrey B. Dodge

Orlando, Florida

Life Has Not Passed You By

Did you ever see the sun slip out of the sky--
were you ever deep, down lonely then had a good cry?
Have you ever seen a rainbow -- God's promise of a better tomorrow?
Have you ever walked in the shadows, ever felt sorrow?
Then you know life has not passed you by!
Have you ever felt joy at a newborn baby's cry--
reached out to help a stranger passing by?
When did you survey a star-studded night--
or noticed a songbird in flight?
Life has not passed you by!
Did you ever go fishing on a fine spring day--
stop to smell the flowers along the way?
Have you listened to the patter of rain--
watched the snow pile up -- wish for summer again?
You have lived and loved and laughed--
Oh no, life has not passed you by!
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