Ashraf Gohar Goreja

Wisdom Of Your Thought

Overhanging shadows of murky clouds
Thunder storm leveling with a trail of lightning
Destruction all over with revolting hurricanes
Averting sensitive souls, powerless and frightening.

Beyond the sublime, far in the valleys of wisdom
My passion grew, in contempt of mighty benevolence,
Boundless in its furry, irresistant to its virtue
For the night was horrific, lonely and belligerent.

I closed my eyes struggling to escape the horror
Devastation was after me with advancing procession,
There I found a spark, in the thrilling darkness.
It was you, my dear love, with curative compassion.

But nature all along with its convincing covenant,
Gleamed in the universe for bountiful evince.
Commanding eyes to be opened for beholding the truth
That had absconded in thunder and strong pretence.

Thrilling beauty in my eyes had long been entrapped
Attractive, alluring with fascinating charm,
Demanding captivation of virtuous lovers.
Dictating rules of conviction and love without harm.

My fearful soul ensnared in two realities of nature
Commanded the first to be brave in thrilling darkness,
Second demanded, eyes remain shut for the glimpse of beauty
What a rare influx, in the storm and its primitive harshness.

I tortured my heart and oppressed my feelings
Yet you kept swinging in my eyes as an endless dream,
But gathering storm was wild, severe in its tone
Howling around abhorrently, charging horrid scream.

Brave were I? Or perhaps coward of a kind
Kept my eyes deadly shut, with heart full of passion.
Craving for your beauty, and finding in abundant
But thunder with lightning, became furious in violent fashion.

It traveled over my heart, with volcanic power of destruction
Horrendous enough to clout my eyes wide open.
Oh! Lustrous image of yours, was now lost in dome of darkness
Spreading somber melancholy and depression so often.

Sitting near my window in terror of bewilderment
Critical to my senses, yet flexible to my covenant.
Admiring you and nature, for both are sensational and strong
Wondering, if I were a loyal lover, contemptuous or truculent.

Ashraf Gohar Goreja
Copyright August 28,1986
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