Anthony Taimanglo Taitano

Reno, NV, USA

Together Again

This road is always an easy road at the beginning,
but time has a funny way of turning things around. The
passion and the love you have for life, you still have,
but I just never saw it, till it was too late. Time has a strange way of healing. The years have now
passed and for some reason, destiny has brought us back
together. Why! There is a reason for this, I don't know
why but, I wouldn't question it. It's now your turn for happiness and for receiving
that gift of peace and love, for your years of giving.
My love, the light now shines through my window. I see
the light shining, I can see the lake of peace, which will
now be calm and serene for us both. For till time finally stands still, I will be here for
you and never to abandon you, as long as we are together. So till the end of time, I will be yours.
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